Identity Development

Logo Design

Company Branding


Developing Conceptual Design Direction for packaging, labeling, package innovations, advertising, Point of Sale and Display.


Packaging, Brochures, Posters, Signs, Collateral Materials, Digital Ad Art and GIF Animations.


Deborah Mesibov

Award-winning creative designer who orchestrates a unique, strategic brand experience, showcasing strong market messaging, compelling results for consumer goods and business to business.

  • Enthusiastic engagement with management, cross-functional sales and marketing teams, to define new opportunities and value oriented innovations contributing to brand growth.
  • Expert in developing high-impact advertising, packaging, marketing materials, brand identities and production. Exploration of innovative, relevant concepts to unleash potential for sales.
  • Recognized for using a hands-on approach by collaborating, developing and inspiring all members of the creative team from project concept to completion.
  • Brand experience: Halls® , Trident®, Triscuits®, Snackwells®, Philips®, Call of Duty®, XBox®, Barbie®, Fisher-Price®, Disney® , Nestlé®, Hartz®, Pepsi-Cola®, Windmill®,  Sudden Change®, Nutra Nail®, Bikini Zone®, Plus White®, Mega-T®

Since 1993

Who I am

With a core concentration on consumer goods, I have been privileged to work with some great companies including Philips Consumer Electronics, Turtle Bay, Kraft, Nestlé, Pepsi, Reader's Digest, Hartz and many regional firms.

I enjoy being part of a creative team with whom I can share ideas and bring my natural enthusiastic approach to each project. My experience includes hands-on management of projects from concept to completion either solo or by directing and inspiring a design team, consulting with senior management and sales and marketing teams, plus hiring vendors including photographers, freelance staff, printers and others who help bring a project together.

What I do

Each customer I work with has different objectives. They are meeting the expectations of their own consumers based on the narrative of their brands and products.

I listen to those narratives when creating visual strategies for Branding, Packaging and Advertising based on product placement and market direction. Good design connects the right consumers to a particular product or service.

As an Art Director I have an extensive background in print and digital communications. By understanding the marketing communications behind effective design I connect the dots between your product story and core consumer.

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