CLIENT: Windmill Health Products

Brands: HerbScience Bio-Sorb & GNC

Category: Nutritional and Diet Advertising
Products: Bio-Sorb Turmeric, SlimWrap
Responsibility: Advertising Design & Illustration


Bio-Sorb Turmeric: A rising interest in the health properties of  Turmeric along with the multiplicity of competitors jumping into the market, challenged us to find a way to elevate and distinguish this product from all others. "Clinically Proven" and "7X" was the eye pop needed to create a statement of ownership no one else was using.

SlimWrap: SlimWrap was a product that had been around for several years and the company wanted to promote it. Simple as a product, and flexible to use, it needed a direct statement with aspirational imaging. Working with the VP of Marketing we came up with this copy and imaging for the GNC brand.





Brands: Turtle Beach

Category: Gaming Sound Electronics
Responsibility: Advertising Design & Production


Creating multiple versioning and final art for advertising and marketing materials designed in collaboration with the Marketing Director.

CLIENT: Windmill Health Products


Windmill Health Products

Category: Vitamins & Supplements
Product: Tradeshow Display
Responsibility: Design & Illustration


Tradeshows are a year-round element of Windmill's marketing efforts. They add to and create new booth designs regularly. In this case I worked with the VP of Marketing and booth builders to create the graphics for both the back wall backlit images and the hanging brand display.



CLIENT: CCA Industries, Inc.

Brand: Cherry Vanilla

Category: Youth market fragrance advertising
Product: Vanilla Scentsations
Responsibility: Advertising Design & Illustration


My charge was to design fresh new advertising that imbued the product with youthful fun and excitement.

To engage young women targeted by teen magazines, I used playful words and images which created double-take imagery


CLIENT: CCA Industries, Inc.

Brand: CCA

Category: Annual Report Designs
Responsibility: Advertising Design & Illustration


Based on discussions with key executive marketing personnel, three areas of exploration were put forth. One focused on targeting retailers with our knowledge of their needs, another on our clean clear product collections and a third on retailing processes.

I used these concepts in developing the corporate annual report designs, each based on these different maketing premises.


Brand: Fisher Price, Random House

Category: Animated Banner Ads
Products: Books
Responsibility: Gif Animations


Two simple animated gifs which I created for these companies and their products.

CLIENT: Vivatch, Inc.

Brand: Vivatech

Category: Medical CT technology
Product: CT Tube
Responsibility: Brochure Design


This is a service program that extends life of expensive medical equipment. My design and art direction of photography for this brochure explained the program.

CLIENT: KMedic, Inc.

Brand: KMedic

Category: Medical and surgical instruments
Product: Medical and surgical instruments
Responsibility: Brochure & Advertising Design


Responsible for medical and surgical instrument ads and brochures designed and illustrated for trade advertising and show hand outs.


Client: X-107 Radio

Brand: X-107

Category: Outdoor & transit advertising
Product: Radio station outdoor billboard & bus signage
Responsibility: Art Direction & Design


X-107, a radio station with 18-30 male demo's,  needed outdoor advertising transit signage for the Westchester, NY area. My design pumped their ratings and won an Ad Club of Westchester Bronze award.