Client: Harris Family Foods, Inc.

Brand: Chet's

Category: Specialty Food Snacks
Product Line: Chet's Peanut Butter Toppings
Responsibility: Branding, Package Design & Illustration


A start up company, Harris Family Foods, armed with an old family recipe, set out to create a product and brand. My expertise was engaged to design and develop the new product branding and squeeze tube packaging, which won the Gold Award for Logo & Packaging from Ad Club of Westchester.

Client: Woodstock Organics, Inc.

Brand: Woodstock Organics

Category: Organic Soup, Frozen
Product Line: Woodstock Organics All Natural Organic Soup
Responsibility: Branding, Package Design & Illustration


As start up company with a timely idea, Woodstock Organics understood a niche no other product was yet filling. The owner with whom I worked directly, had finally gotten the trademark on the name, which was no mean feat. We spent hours discussing how to bring the soup product to market.

Designing the branding for the line was my first project. The logo and look of the packaging needed a constancy of purpose, earthy yet classic. Once set on the look, I met with the food scientist who was creating the actual product. To my delight the soup was absolutely delicious!

With 6 vats of soup I headed over to my food photographer where we styled the soup set ups and shot each bowl.

This was a project I handled from soup to nuts (just couldn't help that word play): branding, packaging and photo direction, including food styling and propping. Plus, I wrote the copy for the packages as well. My reward was an Ad Club of Westchester, Bronze Award for Logo & Package Design, Woodstock Organics.

CLIENT: Tabatchnick Foods

Brand: Cruisin' Puddin'

Category: Snack Packs
Product: Cruisin' Puddin' Travel Pudding Packs
Responsibility: Branding, Package Design & Illustration


The success of push-up yogurt snacks for children inspired Tabatchnick Foods to create push-up pudding snacks for kids. I was enlisted to take on the product naming, branding and package design that would appeal to kids and moms from supermarket refrigerator cases. The result took a Bronze Award for Logo & Package Design from the Ad Club in Westchester.


CLIENT: Kraft Foods, Inc.
Mondelez International, Inc.

Brand: Wheat Thins, LU, Snackwells, Planters

Category: Snacks
Product: Wheat Thins, LU, Planters
Responsibility: Illustration Designs


Staying within brand parameter, I created extensions to existing brands requested by the marketing teams. Again, fulfilling the challenge by illustrating products that did not exist, crafting a look and feel of actual baked goods.