CLIENT: EB Brands, Inc.

Brand: EXRC

Category: Remote Control Toys
Products: Perfect Flyer & Mega Monster
Responsibility: Product Logos, Package Design & Illustration


Based on specific marketing instructions, I created the design and versioning for the product logos and packaging of several remote control toys.


CLIENT: Bright Harvest Overseas

Brand: Game Master

Category: Video Game Accessories
Product: Game Master
Responsibility: Branding, Packaging & Illustration


Bright Harvest Overseas (BHO) is a company that manufactures gaming device accessories in Asia and was looking to distribute and sell in the US. They needed an American designer because American retailers didn’t respond to Chinese package design. BHO contracted with me for brand identity, packaging design and additional marketing materials.


CLIENT: Reader’s Digest Children’s Books & Games

Brands: Mattel, FisherPrice, Disney

Category: Children’s Books and Games
Products: Story books, dress-up dolls, sticker sheets
Responsibility: Book Design


Barbie: Designer of 32 page storybook with 6 dress-up dolls, costumes designed for adhesive fabric, adhesive felt, foil stickers and jewel stickers. Working with story text and Barbie style guides, the mission was to create a game book that girls could use to dress the book dolls from dozens of outfits and accessories that I designed. Each page and set of illustrations was carefully designed to meet Mattel’s standard for Barbie.

Little People: Designer for “Let’s Visit Farmer Jed, a series of books with existing illustrations that I completely revamped/re-purposed to fit additional story lines by restructuring the art in Photoshop then creating new page by page designs including new scenes and sticker sheets.

Hannah Montana: Designer for “On Stage Storybook”, book stage set and dress-up doll, adhering to Disney style guides and text.